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Celebrating 10 years of Working with Nature Eggs 2009-2019

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

This Spring we celebrate one decade producing eggs, just how you like them! Free to roam and producing a delicious and nutritious egg. We love running hens in the mobile sheds around our paddocks, giving them the space and freedom they deserve.

Over the years they have done an incredible job of spreading fertiliser around the paddocks and it is so satisfying to see the paddocks take off after a rainfall event. We enjoy the relationship with the hens and the guardian dogs, they are very dear to us. Sometimes they pop home just to check that everything is ok, plus an extra bone or cold drink of milk!

A local said to me once, "I bet when you are having a bad day and you go up the paddock to be greeted by all your birds and the dogs, it makes you feel good," and she's right – it changes your whole outlook when you connect with them.

Thanks again for supporting us over the years and we look we hope you'll be with us for another 10!

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