Pastured Eggs

When you buy an egg from Working with Nature Free Range, you are buying an egg produced by a hen free to move, to eat wild foods in the sun, graze on a variety of plants, with access to supplementary grains and fresh rain water.  Our farm offers consistency in delivery, super fresh and a high quality. Black Rock Eggs at Aberfoyle east of Guyra sell under the Working with Nature brand due to our reputation and meet our natural standards - the way you like them!


Chemical free

It's a method of farming that respects the natural processes in our ecosystem which negates the need for chemicals. Our farm behaves more like an active environment. We do this in order to yield top quality products while regenerating the landscape. Hens need a fully biological system, rich in organic matter, to really enjoy the outdoors and produce the high quality egg our customers love!


Our hens are free to range; they live in mobile sheds with lots of room and green diverse pastures to forage in. Our paddocks average 8 hectares with 1000 birds per paddock, averaging 125 hens per hectare. That is  80 times more  than the minimum standard for free range egg production in Australia. We introduce the hens to a paddock after the cattle have been through, their natural foraging habits reduce parasites, readying the paddock for the cattle again.



Our hen's diet starts with our pastures, giving them a diversity of grasses and insects. They also receive sprouted grain, laying pellets that are specially formulated for our conditions, barley, wheat, meat meal, vitamins, amino acids and shellgrit. Our feeds are free of genetically modified products and soy. We don't feed our hens anything to enhance the colour of their egg yoke. Yolk colour changes with the seasons and availability of different nutrients in the pastures. 


Our hens have mobile sheds that provide shade and shelter 24 hours and maremma stock guardian dogs protect them from the risk of predators. When our girls retire, we do our best to make sure they all go to good homes.



Our eggs are 100% Australian. Chicken feed, packaging, marketing and distribution included. We are a family owned and operated farm in the New England Tablelands, NSW.

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What's the benefit for us? 

The latest research on free range eggs shows they are higher in Vitamin D as they are out in the sunshine absorbing it naturally. Our eggs have been tested and are higher in most vitamins and Omega 3. Since CSIRO found that eggs are ok everyday you can enjoy these health benefits regularly.

We also see the benefits in our cooking. No more disappointments while poaching! You'll have beautiful poached eggs every time and those rich flavoursome yolks we all love. Our eggs are in high demand amongst local chefs!

"As farmers, we have an obligation to our customers to always provide food that is full of flavour, energy and nutrients. Food that is chemical free and fresh." - Fiona Smith 

What's the benefit for the land?

Our farm enjoys the natural fertilizer our hens produce. Our paddocks are given sufficient time to regenerate for the next visit from livestock. We protect habitat areas for native flora and fauna to promote biodiversity. We are still learning how to improve our land, going beyond sustainability and into regeneration to produce nutrient dense foods.

At Working with Nature we work towards this ideal every day, making a better life for our animals, improving the land for our children and grandchildren, and growing food that is full of the good stuff.


Where to buy our eggs

If you are a retailer or restaurateur interested in using our eggs, please get in touch!