We are in a privileged position to have a mild climate with high quality pastures with good production. We are always striving to keep the land in a regenerative state and work in with our local Landcare Groups to help promote how valuable our production systems are, to both city and country customers.

The beef enterprise varies from backgrounding for other producers, fattening young stock, cows and calves and breeding. We usually run approximately 200-250 head per year (@2500 dse) from September to June and turn off approximately  35,000 + kg of beef each year. Although we are not a large cattle farm in the New England our farm is quite productive and the animals are grass fed with a free choice mineral system in the paddock ensuring they live a happy and healthy life.

Our grazing program follows the principles of Holistic Management and Grazing for Profit, as we allow sufficient recovery of plants before they are grazed again. Our animals look forward to fresh food on a regular basis instead of grazing over the same old paddocks month after month.

Stock are easy to move from paddock to paddock as they follow the supplement cart or get to know that a visit means fresh grass. The stock stay only one to a few days in each paddock, depending on feed availability. This reduces worm burdens and over-grazing. The regular contact with the animals means they remain quiet and we can check their general well being.


Grass Fed Beef

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