Free Range, Pastured Eggs

Why our Eggs?


  • Chemical/spray-free.

  • Super low density <125 hens per hectare

  • Free from egg yolk colourants.

  • Free of GM grains such as soy and canola.

  • Hens protected by guardian dogs.

  • Fully pastured all year round in mobile sheds.

  • Farmers specialising in regenerative agriculture and nutrient balancing.

  • Hen welfare comes first.


Better for you


Pastured eggs have higher nutrient levels. Eating green grass and insects means more omega 3 for you. We don't use pesticides, so there are ample insects for the hens to chase and you are not ingesting those chemicals either. Hens living in sunlight amass higher levels of vitamin D which is also higher in their eggs. 

Egg intolerances are often due to what hens are fed. Our eggs are hypoallergenic. Our hens are never fed soy, canola or egg yolk colourants that can cause hormone issues or ADHD flareups.

We are specialists in regenerative agriculture and consult for other farmers throughout Australia to grow better produce. 

A more natural environment means healthier hens, more nutritious eggs and ultimately healthier, happier humans. This is how we produce the nutrient-dense, delicious eggs that our customers love.

About Us


Meet "Regen" Derek and Fiona (the egg lady) Smith. Two farmers living and working in the New England Tablelands, New South Wales.

Fiona was searching for a new enterprise that would enhance the farm ecosystem and provide her with a personal project and passion. Ten years later she's a well-known egg lady, supplying local cafes and city grocery stores.

Derek has made his name in soil balancing and regenerative agriculture. He consults for large and small farming operations nationwide. And of course, ensures our soil, our animals and therefore our produce is balanced, healthy and nutritious.


Get in Touch


Still have questions? Whether it be about our eggs, our farming methods or Derek's soils courses and consultancy, don't hesitate to reach out. 

We look forward to hearing from you!