2 Day Soil Balancing Course

We are always hearing that our soils need to be biologically active to be sustainable. Everyone talks about it, but no one explains how to do it.

Do you get soil tests done but you only get recommended a couple of things? Did you know your soil needs all the macro and micro nutrients assessed and a recommendation done to keep them in balance? 

If you have excesses and deficiencies you will have production issues; low water retention, weeds and pests to name a few.

You apply yearly doses of fertilizers but nothing really changes? Are you looking for long term fertility, sustained productivity, a healthy farm with a healthier work environment and increased profits? Well, there is a way, and you can learn for yourself by starting a short course with Derek, it's science you can understand and it's about soil balancing your farm to achieve what you want . Join a group in 2019 and make a start!

Courses for 2019 being planned for Northern Rivers - Lismore NSW, 6 & 7 November
Atherton Tablelands 9th November (call for details)
Due to continued drought conditions - New England NSW 2020
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Brendan Poppi - Organic Bananas Woopen Creek FNQ
Type of Operation: Banana Grower
“Did a trial using Derek’s system and within a few months could see a difference, bigger and heavy bunches, better sucker growth and turn around in healthier plants. Derek has also shown me how to look at a soil test and explain why I am having a pest or disease problem in one paddock and not another, and that by balancing your soil you can solve these problems without chemicals. Would recommend Derek to anyone who is looking to improve their soil and profitability of their farm.”
Paul Mason located near Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Type of Operation: Wheat, Canola, Lucerne, Sheep, and Cattle

“Prior to changing to the Albrecht soil fertility system as taught by Neal Kinsey, Paul’s results were 350 kg carcasses in 15 months at a 54% yield. After changing, the results were 370kg carcasses in 12 months at a 57% yield, and still increasing. Besides the shorter fattening period, the extra return on those cattle at $3.80/kg is $76. With 650 cattle, that is an extra $49,400.” Read more...

Mike Mulligan, Ben Lomond, NSW Australia

Type of operation: Cattle & goats;"Derek's knowledge of soil, animal and human health issues is very extensive and he is generous with his time in informing others. He will challenge your ideas on how to operate your farm."

Ian Holmes, Guyra NSW Australia

Type of operation: Cattle, sheep, Certified Potato Seed Grower (Certified Organic); "I can highly recommend Derek's courses and his help as a consultant has been invaluable. His soil balancing system provides answers on soil fertility and crop management to move your farm towards more regenerative practices. It really is Working With Nature. I have had many encounters growing potatoes that a spray would have been used on a conventional crop but nature took over and problem solved."

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Short Courses on crop and pasture management plus on-farm consultancy available.


About Derek

A lifelong farmer, Derek has embraced natural farming as a way to protect biodiversity, store carbon and maintain consistent food production. He is currently running beef cattle, free range layer hens plus prime lambs on his property Kenilworth. 


For 20 years Derek shared his experience as an instructor at TAFE Armidale. As the teacher of a year-long course in organic farming

and in the past, horticulture, he helps students apply organic or biologically enhancing principles to their own farms.


Over the years Derek has built on his Associate Diploma in Farm Management at Orange Ag College with courses in Holistic Management and Grazing for Profit. He earned his Bachelor of Farm Management at Orange (University of Sydney) in 2004 and a Certificate II in Assessment and Workplace Training in 2008.

Derek has completed three stages of Neal Kinsey's Advanced Soil Management course and is now accredited as one of only four Kinsey/Albrecht practitioners in Australia. If you are looking for the HOW to balance your soils, we are here to help you work with nature and get long lasting  real results - not short term fixes. 

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