Free Range - Mobile Pastured Eggs

Chemical free + sprouted barley grains + 
open range + biologically active soils.


Farm Report: We have been experiencing drought conditions over the last few years and have decreased stock numbers. Grain prices have increased over 50% since 2018 but our hens are still getting the best feed available. We also feed barley sprouts every lunch time and cracked corn when its cold of an afternoon ensures our product still has the quality you are used to. We don't have lush grass in winter due to heavy continual frosts so the sprouts help them get their greens.
Hopefully this Spring we will get good soaking rain. 


Chemical's a method of farming that respects the natural processes in our ecosystem without using chemicals. Our farm behaves more like an active environment. We do this in order to yield top quality products while regenerating the landscape. Hens need a fully biological system, rich in organic matter, to really enjoy the outdoors and produce the high quality egg our customers love!


Grass fed... Our hens are free to range; they live in mobile sheds with lots of room and green diverse pastures to forage in. Our paddocks average 8 hectares with 1000 birds per paddock, (average of 125 hens per hectare) rotating after the cattle have been through, giving them fresh areas to lounge and forage in daily. That is 80 times more than the minimum standard for free range egg production in Australia. 


Our hens diet consists of pasture with a diversity of grasses and insects, sprouted grain, laying pellets specially formulated for our conditions,which consist of barley, wheat, meat meal, vitamins and amino acids and shellgrit.  We don't feed our hens anything to enhance the colour of their egg yoke. Egg yoke colourant free - GM free - Soy free. Our egg y0lks change with the seasons and availability of different nutrients in the pastures. 

What's the benefit for us?  The latest research on free range eggs shows they are higher in Vit D because they are out in the sunshine absorbing it naturally. Our eggs have been tested and are higher in most of the vitamins and Omega 3.

Grass fed hens have a nutrient rich diet which produces high quality egg that is fantastic for human health  - research-shows-eggs-pastured-chickens-may-be-more-nutritious

We also see the benefits in our cooking. No more disappointments while poaching, you'll have beautiful poached eggs every time and those rich flavoursome yolks we all love. Chefs love them too!


Our hens enjoy sunny paddocks, access to soils for dust bathing, and freedom to forage. Mobile hen houses are rotated around the farm to keep them on fresh pastures. Maremma Stock guardian dogs protect our hens from the risk of predators.


Our eggs are 100% Australian from the chicken feed to the packaging, marketing and distribution. We are a family owned and operated farm in the New England Tablelands, NSW.

Our farm enjoys the natural fertilizer all our hens produce! Our paddocks are given sufficient time to regenerate for the next visit from livestock. We protect habitat areas for native flora and fauna to promote biodiversity. We are still learning how to improve our land, going beyond sustainability and into regeneration to produce nutrient dense foods.


When you buy an egg from Working with Nature Free Range, you are buying an egg produced by a hen free to move, to eat wild foods in the sun, graze on a variety of plants, with access to supplementary grains and fresh rain water. She has a guardian dog to look after her at all times and protection from the elements whenever she needs it. Our hens welfare is paramount to creating the quality product that you deserve every time.

Our farm offers consistency in delivery, fresh from the farm, within 1-3 days of the egg being laid.

There is a story behind our product; it’s unique and it’s growing, it’s all about regenerating our farm for future generations and it’s providing our customers with the product and service they deserve that is sustainable and the way nature intended it. Come and try any of our products, my promise to you is that you will not be disappointed!

"As farmers, we have an obligation to our customers to always provide food that is full of flavour, energy and nutrients. Food that is chemical free and fresh." - Fiona Smith

At Working With Nature we work towards this ideal every day, making a better life for our animals, improving the land for our children and grandchildren, and growing food that is full of the good stuff.


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Where to buy our eggs

New South Wales

  • Vidlers Butchery - Guyra

  • IGA - Guyra

  • GoVita - Centro Armidale

  • Armidale Market Fresh  - 186 Rusden Street Armidale

  • The Food Shed - Beardy Street Armidale

  • Feather & Bone - 8/10-14 Lilian Fowler Pl, Marrickville, Sydney

  • Café Naver - on-line store Sydney

  • David's Larder - 211 Coxs Rd, North Ryde, Sydney


Cafes that use our eggs

If you are a retailer or restaurateur and are interested in using our eggs,please get in touch! We will do our best to arrange delivery to your location.

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