About Working with Nature

Working with Nature is about profitable, regenerative businesses in the agriculture sector. We have a range of enterprises ranging from on-farm production to consulting on your farm. We want to leave our land in better shape for our children. We know it's possible and we're here to help anyone who wants to achieve the same.

Our Enterprises

Pastured Eggs


Free to range, chemical free and grown on biologically active soils. Our eggs are yolk colourant, soy & GM free. And delicious!

Grass-fed Beef

Free ranging on bioactive pastures, our cattle move on a cell-grazing system to manage parasites and improve health without chemical use.

Soil Courses

Join Derek's 2 day soil balancing course and learn how to get your soils working for you.

Soil Consulting


Get the advice you need to revitalise your property. Boost productivity while regenerating your farm with easy to apply solutions.


Guesthouse garden and outdoor living are

Feel a million miles away just 5 minutes from town. Enjoy the tranquility of the farm in our convenient location just off the highway.


Pics from the Farm

See a little bit more of our farm ad what we get up to at Working with Nature.


Good mates

Success is never achieved alone. Check out who we partner with to do what we do.